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Meet Dr. Treat

Your pet is an individual—with unique features, preferences, idiosyncrasies, and personality. Likewise, their health and wellness needs are one of a kind and always changing.

Hetal Shah & Rakesh Tondon
Meet Dr. Treat

Key takeaway

Your pet's health and wellness needs are one of a kind and always changing. We understand that traditional veterinary medicine can be a bit impersonal, and while your pet receives appropriate care for all their health care needs through the standard veterinary system, this checklist approach can miss your pet’s subtle health changes and early disease signs.

ur mission is to help pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives. We do this by offering your pet and you a uniquely positive, proactive, and personalized veterinary care experience.

What is Dr. Treat?

Dr. Treat is a pet health and wellness startup that is re-envisioning veterinary care. As pet parents ourselves, we understand that appropriate at-home care can have a positive impact on your pet’s health and longevity, and our Dr. Treat veterinary professionals recognize you as a vital member of your pet’s health care team.

“Our Dr. Treat veterinary professionals are committed to helping pets live longer, healthier, and happier lives.”

What makes Dr. Treat unique?

Dr. Treat is a new breed of veterinary care professionals who practice a progressive approach based on customized preventive medicine. Rather than a constant game of veterinary cat and mouse—pun intended—tracking down and treating each of your pet’s new conditions as they develop, we strive to prevent health problems altogether through our program that includes:


Accessible care

You care for your pet every day, while our veterinary professionals may see them once or twice a year. To provide the most accessible care, we offer hybrid virtual and in-person appointments to answer routine questions about your pet’s health and to determine whether your pet’s condition requires a clinic visit. In addition, we understand that your pet’s health care needs may occur after usual business hours, so our pet relations team is there for you.


State of the ‘heart’ facilities and services

We understand and respect the bond you and your pet share, and know that a veterinary office visit can strain that relationship, so we have designed our clinics—and our entire approach—to be as supportive, stress-free, and user-friendly as possible.


Powerful partnerships

Our clinically validated diagnostic technology and partnerships ensure your pet receives the most scientifically advanced care.

What is a Dr. Treat One™ pet membership?

To maintain the highest customized care standards, Dr. Treat is a membership-only concierge veterinary care provider. Because personalized medicine demands a narrow and hyper-detailed focus, each clinic offers a limited number of memberships.

Our annual membership fees are reasonably priced, delivering an incredible service value. When you enroll your pet in a Dr. Treat One membership, you gain the peace of mind knowing that your pet can always receive the care they deserve, including:

  • No exam fees, ever
  • Unlimited visits for members
  • Same or next day appointments
  • 24x7 pet-relations support
  • Access any of our state of the 'heart' clinics
  • Onsite pharmacy
  • Onsite lab & radiology/ultrasound
  • Fast & free shipping on prescription
  • One app for all your pet's needs
  • Nutrition & Behavioral guidance
  • Concierge Pet Care

To enroll your pet in a Dr. Treat One™ membership, we highly recommend you sign up here to ensure your pet has access to our revolutionary care.

Does Dr. Treat offer pet surgical services?

Our state of the ‘heart’ veterinary clinics are full-service facilities that offer surgical procedures. Our skilled veterinarians perform standard spay and neuter procedures, routine and complex soft tissue surgeries, dental cleanings and extractions, and select emergency procedures. Should your pet require complicated, high-risk, and orthopedic surgeries, our Dr. Treat veterinarian will refer you to a specialist or a dedicated emergency facility that will provide the highest level of surgical and postoperative care.

When would virtual care benefit my pet?

We understand that your pet is a family member. Likewise, when you become a Dr. Treat member, you become part of our family, and our mission is to answer all your pet health questions and allay every fear—no matter the time or your location.

Virtual care is ideal for questions regarding:
  1. Fearful or anxious pets Nonurgent conditions Nutritional counseling
  2. Behavior or training advice
  3. Recheck and diagnostic results review
  4. Medical progress for weight loss, pain management, food trials, or allergies
  5. Pet triage — If you are unsure whether your pet needs veterinary care, our team will advise you based on your pet’s signs and situation.

Dr. Treat—Your pet’s exceptional care

As pet lovers ourselves, we know how helpless and frustrating you feel when you encounter barriers to timely, high-quality veterinary care, and we understand you may feel isolated and confused when questions about your pet’s condition, prognosis, or treatment go unanswered. Our Dr. Treat team removes these barriers and provides an accessible and personalized care model. We devote ourselves to unparalleled service-based veterinary care and keep your pet’s health care needs at the heart of everything we do.

If you are ready to unlock your pet’s health potential, and experience peace of mind, join our Dr. Treat One™ membership today.

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Written by:

Hetal Shah & Rakesh Tondon

Hetal and Rakesh, are the founding members of Dr. Treat, a Vet practice that is reimagining the approach to the health and wellbeing of companion animals.

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