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Making Veterinary Care, Personal

We believe that humanity’s most endearing companions should live healthier, happier and longer lives.

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Dr. Felicity Moffat welcomes a companion for an annual checkup
State of the heart clinic with the non-intrusive technology
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What the world needs

Our life changed when our pup Coco walked into our lives.

"While Coco brought joy to our lives, our interaction with veterinary practices made us aware of glaring gaps that affected the wellbeing of our four-legged family member."

Our mascot at Dt. Treat — Coco, a labradoodle
121 million U.S. households own a dog or cat. They visit a pet clinic or hospital once or twice a year because access to care is limited and expensive.
Despite the infrequency of visits, vet professionals still give 50 hours per week and work full-time with overtime work, heavy night shifts, and emergency calls.
Adding to the stress is the fact that those with a bachelor’s degree are underpaid. Only 7% of vets have a Master’s degree assuring a higher salary and a better job.
Studies recently indicate that 87% of practicing veterinarians found their job stressful while 67% showed symptoms of burnout syndrome.
Source: American Pet Products Association's 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey.
Hetal Shah, Co-founder of Dr TreatHetal and Coco

Hetal’s story

CO-FOUNDER & Chief experience officer

During the pandemic In 2020 alone, 12.6 million new households got a pet, including us. This now totals 70 percent of all US households. Yet, access to pet care on demand is still limited. Between each visit, which is twice a year there’ a lot that can happen. When there’s an emergency that doesn’t necessitate a clinic visit,  providers have no way of knowing how to handle the situation their companion is in. Which treatment is best? What kind of nutrition, is most likely to work? Is there a way to handle pain management? Can we just call someone already?

We founded Dr. Treat on this fundamental principle — that veterinary care needs to be accessible and on demand. And both,  companion animals and providers needed an environment that gave them highly personalized concierge care.

Rakesh’s Story


Vet care shouldn’t be this broken—but it is. On one level the only modicum of veterinary practices is cure, not care. An emphasis that expects us to look at Vets and doctors as fix-it people; fix patients, fix clients, change lives with a critical thinking hat to solve wellness to lifesaving needs. It puts an immense pressure on the system of care. It doesn’t need to be that way.

In five years, veterinary care is going to look radically different: instead of being a clinical and reactive game of trial-and-error, and high expectations, preventative care will take the center stage, tailoring precise, accurate and accessible care to each provider through data & technology.

We started Dr. Treat because we wanted to build that future — where care is data-driven, and highly personalized based on genetic & breed predispositions. Where care providers too are empowered to be their best, in a healthy environment that nurtures, encourages and uplifts them.

Rakesh Tondon, Co-founder of Dr TreatCoco wearing  reindeer horns
Charlie Bowman, Co-founderCharlie and his buddy

Charlie’s story


Every pet parent is faced with several challenges - from getting access to quality veterinary care, limited interaction with the care team, mostly in urgent situations, often due to old or outdated ways of communication.
With our lives entrenched in technology, businesses cannot afford to operate in silos with different experiences online and offline. Our personal lives seem more integrated digtally and socially now more that ever.

When Mason came to our home, we struggled with assistance for basic care or even food recommendations. Information was hard to find and we had to register in multiple communities and even scrounged facebook groups to understand what other owners were dealing with. As a result, Mason developed some long term issues that he had to live with. Pet veterinary is inefficient. The user experience needs to be human-centered.

We started Dr. Treat because we wanted to change how veterinary care is delivered. Because caring for someone is personal, need-based and highly bespoke.

Our vision

Enable humanity's most endearing companions to live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Dr. Treat is a pet health & wellness startup, and as the name suggests, a happy place to work. By using technology and data in a way that’s never been done before, we are building the best-in-class veterinary clinics by rethinking processes, workflows, and services that will make the lives of companions, providers, and care providers better.

Dr. Treat Values and beliefs
How we’re doing it
Concierge Care
Concierge Care

Personalized Veterinary for our members using a service-led and tech-centric approach.


Uplift, empower and reward those in the line of duty. To help them do what they do best.

Candor with care
Candor with care

We are open, honest, and empathetic and wear our heart on our sleeves, literally.

Move fast
Move fast

Our mission is to power 5,000 clinics across the US to advocate preventive care in the pet vet industry.

Embrace Innovation
Embrace Innovation

Preventive care works best with evidence-based technology. Our partnerships with leaders in pet tech stand testament to that.

OUR advisory board

The team

We are a thoroughbred hybrid team coming together with the single belief that we can make a lasting difference in pet care.

Dr Patrick Mahaney, Dr. Treat

Dr. Patrick Mahaney 


Dr. Georgia Jeremiah, Dr. Treat

Dr. Georgia Jeremiah


Dr. Adam Christman, Dr. Treat

Dr. Adam Christman 


Rakesh Tondon, Dr. Treat

Rakesh Tondon 

Co-Founder, CEO

Hetal Shah, Dr. Treat

Hetal Shah 

Co-Founder, Chief Experience Officer

Charlie Bowman, Dr. Treat

Charlie Bowman

Co-Founder, CTO

A Vet and a husky look at an x-ray together at Dr Treat

Life at Dr. treat

Candor with care

Care providers need to be empowered to be their best. A healthy environment that nurtures, encourages and uplifts them — That’s Dr. Treat. Come, join us.

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