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Our approach is preventive

Every pet is different

Whether it’s wellness or therapy, our service-led and tech-centric preventive care program pinpoints the best option for your companion.

right care guided through data

With your companion’s diagnostic data at hand, we can provide you with actionable insight and guide you to provide the right care whatever their stage in life’s journey.

Get ahead of health risks

By knowing your pet’s predisposition for certain diseases we can create a health care plan to deter the development of illness. Early diagnosis permits rapid disease intervention and management.

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Preventive services

Proactively maintain your beloved’s health at its best. Pets grow and mature fast, and preventive care helps steer them in a healthier direction throughout their lives. From regular examinations to diagnostic testing, we ensure your pet is leading their best life.

Biannual Wellness Exams

Biannual Wellness Exams

Vaccinations & Antibody Titre Testing

Vaccinations & Antibody Titre Testing

Parasite Screening, Treatment & Prevention

Parasite Screening, Treatment & Prevention

Prophylactic dental care

Prophylactic dental care

Weight Management & Nutrition

Weight Management & Nutrition

Behavioral assessment

Behavioral assessment

Micro Chipping

Micro Chipping

Maintain health
& maximize lifespan

primary care services

The clinical signs of health problems are typically subtle at first then gradually progress until they reach an advanced stage. Routine physical examinations and laboratory testing help us to catch illness earlier when it is easier to treat.

Energy changes

Injuries & Wounds

Gastrointestinal Distress

Skin & Ear Issues

Eye Problems

Coughing, Sneezing & Respiratory Abnormalities

Chronic Disease Management

Pain & Arthritis Care

Behavioral Problems

Travel Documentation

$292 - $955

The Best treatments
for your best friend


Our team is equipped to offer a wide range of surgery and dental treatment options to suit your pet’s needs.

Spay & Neuter Surgery

$612 - $1,675

Spaying and neutering your pet prevents reproduction, can reduce undesirable behaviors and prevents many diseases, such as certain types of cancer. We know that spaying or neutering your puppy or kitten is a big decision and our experienced veterinarians will help you determine the right time to pursue these routine surgeries for your furry companion.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Treat veterinarians perform both routine and more complex surgical procedures such as mass removals, biopsies and abdominal exploration to determine a cause of an illness.

Emergency Surgery

We can perform a number of emergency surgeries including laceration repair, surgical treatment of wounds and removal of ingested foreign objects. In the event that we are not able to perform a certain surgery, we can refer your pet to the necessary facility.

Dental Cleaning & Polishing

$1,016 – $1,826

Dental disease can significantly affect a pet’s overall well-being. We recommend prophylactic dental care in the form of tooth brushing, enzymatic oral chews and special diets in addition to regular dental cleaning to prevent tooth and gum disease.

Dental surgery (extractions)

Our experienced veterinarians can surgically remove infected, fractured or dead teeth to prevent ongoing infection, pain and disease. The process also involves treatment of periodontal (gum) disease and can sometimes include the removal of oral growths or masses.

Orthopedic Evaluation & Treatment

Dr. Treat veterinarians can diagnose and recommend treatment options for a large number of orthopedic conditions, such as bone disease, ligament and tendon injury and disease, and muscle disorders. When your pet needs a specific orthopedic surgery, we will endeavor to either have this performed in-house by one of our mobile specialist surgeons or refer you to a specialty veterinary hospital to have this done.

A note about anesthesia

Dr. Treat patients requiring surgery and dental cleaning will be put under anesthesia to complete the necessary procedure. We understand that the thought of putting your companion under anesthesia can be daunting, but our veterinary team is experienced in the art of anesthesia and will work closely with you and your pet to ensure the best outcome.  

For every pet undergoing anesthesia, we perform a thorough preanesthetic examination, including a stethoscopic exam of the heart. Bloodwork and heart screening (electrocardiogram, ECG) are performed to determine whether your pet is healthy enough for anesthesia and we will always let you know if we find anything of concern. We formulate a personalized anesthesia plan for your pet based on the age and breed, the presence of pre-existing conditions, and any noted preanesthetic testing abnormalities.  

Every patient is monitored closely throughout the entire procedure and recovery, and we will send you home with clear instructions on how to care for your furry companion following the anesthetic procedure.

Understand your
pet's health concerns


A prompt and accurate diagnosis allows us to provide the highest standard of medicine for your companion and offer the best-possible treatment plan. Our top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment ensures that you get rapid results and we will facilitate your understanding of your pet’s health concerns.

Comprehensive Blood Work & Urine Testing

Routine blood and urine testing is essential to assess organ function and screen for the development of disease. Early diagnosis allows for rapid treatment and preventative measures. Most test results are available within 48 hours, but some tests can take longer. Dr. Treat values the importance of quickly getting this information to you and have made this a priority in our clinics.

Fecal Screening

Regular fecal testing allows for the detection and treatment of internal parasites, many of which cannot be seen with the naked eye. More advanced fecal testing can detect less common parasites, bacteria and viruses.


Samples taken in the clinic, such as ear swabs, skin scrapings and fluid from masses, can be assessed under a microscope for infectious organisms and cell types. Our digital microscope allows us to rapidly complete this assessment to help you understand what’s going on with your pet.

Cardiology ECG Evaluation

Arrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms) are common in pets and can be difficult to identify on routine exams. 1 in 25 cats and 1 in 20 dogs have an arrhythmia that could be missed without a heart screen (electrocardiogram, ECG). We perform routine heart screens on all of our patients prior to undergoing anesthesia. Dr.Treat can engage veterinary cardiologists to further consult on your pet’s heart health, should the need arise.

Digital Dental & Full Body Radiography

Digital radiology allows us to take a closer look at your pet and diagnose diseases that are not always seen with the naked eye. Our radiographs are reviewed by specialists to ensure a correct diagnosis is made.

Dental radiology is important to screen for tooth root disease and bone loss during dental cleanings. This is the gold standard in veterinary practice today as a large amount of dental disease exists below the gumline.  

Full body radiography includes assessment of the chest, abdomen, spine/vertebral column and limbs.


Dr. Treat veterinarians and technicians are experienced at using our ultrasound for sterile urine collection (cystocentesis) and may, where necessary, perform a brief emergency ultrasound check for fluid in the chest or abdomen if we suspect there is a problem. We can also perform basic abdominal ultrasound to screen for or confirm a disease process.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

It is important to monitor blood pressure in pets, just as it is in humans. Our veterinarians and technicians are experienced in measuring your pet’s blood pressure and strive to do so in a low-stress manner to ensure accuracy.

Eye Pressure, Staining & Tear Production Testing

Eye issues are often distressing to pets and their humans. We take no chances when it comes to eyes and ensure your pet receives a full evaluation. Your companion will have tonometry (eye pressure assessment), fluorescein staining (to check for corneal ulceration) and tear testing (to check for dry eye) where necessary.

Allergy Blood Testing

Allergies are extremely common in dogs and can have a significant adverse effect on quality of life for both the pet and their human. Allergy blood testing allows us to determine what your pet is allergic to and gives our veterinarians the necessary information to work with you on treatment options and preventative measures to manage your pet’s allergic disease.

Diagnosis of allergic disease when the patient first develops symptoms can drastically improve the outcome for the pet by enabling earlier intervention with hypo-sensitization therapy (‘allergy injections’) and other treatments.

Specialist Partnership On Complex Cases

We always want to do the best for you and your pet. When we have questions or concerns about a case, our veterinarians can partner with veterinary specialists to help provide gold standard care for your furry companion.

Care plans for
Juniors & Seniors

Puppies, Kittens & Seniors

The most important thing you can do for your new pet is to give them the right start to life with appropriate vaccinations and preventative care. This will help build their immune system and keep them disease free as they experience life with you. As they age, the key to caring for your pet is to ensure regular check-ups with your Dr.Treat veterinarian so that we can catch and treat health issues early. Our vets will tailor a personalized plan for your aging pet, guiding you on senior-proofing your home, teaching you how to take care of their teeth, and providing nutritional and supplement information so that your pet is supported in the best way possible.

Puppy & Kitten Care Plans

Puppy & Kitten Care

Senior Care

In case of
urgent Care

Urgent Care Services

Sometimes your furry companion needs urgent veterinary care. Dr. Treat is a full-service general practice and NOT a 24 hour emergency facility, but we’re still here to help you when you need it most. If you think your pet may require emergency care please do not hesitate to call us immediately and we will do our best to help you virtually or in the clinic when appropriate. If it’s after-hours, a serious injury, or life-threatening illness, we can refer you to a 24-hour emergency hospital.


Breathing Problems

Animal Bites

Injuries & Other Accidents

Difficult Standing or Walking

Vomiting or Diarrhea

Appetite or Water Consumption Changes

Care, when you need it


Get the care your pet needs, from the comfort of your home. Our Pet Relations team can help you book telemedicine appointments with our nurses or doctors, offering a convenient alternative to in-clinic visits.

General Veterinary Advice Line

Virtual Support During Emergencies

Virtual Wellness Check

Genetic Testing & Disease Discussion

Weight Management & Nutrition Services

Behavior & Training Recommendations

Health Certificate Support

Rehabilitation & Post-Operative Care

Pet Relations Concierge Service

Clinical Follow-ups