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Veterinary Care

Get unlimited access to in-clinic, 24/7 virtual care, and personalized preventive care based on your pet’s genetic breed with our Dr. Treat One™ membership.

Dr. Treat Affinity
Exceptional care

Concierge veterinary

Comprehensive care tailored from understanding your pet’s genetic predispositions.

24/7 access to virtual care through our tele-health platform when a clinic visit isn’t an option.

Drop-in lab services at our clinics for your convenience and maintaining consistent medical records.

An expert team of compassionate pet lovers that offer holistic veterinary care and advice on wellbeing, fitness and nutrition.

Doorstep delivery of refills
and prescribed meds.

Dr. Treat One™ app to manage your appointments, prescriptions, medical records and stay connected.

A treat for members

Membership benefits
that you’ll enjoy

State of the ‘heart’ clinic

No exam fees, ever

Advanced genetic breed testing

Unlimited 24/7 virtual care

One app for all your pet's needs

Nutrition coaching

Membership costs only $250/year.

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See what makes Dr. Treat, a treat

The Dr Treat experience The Dr Treat experience The Dr Treat experience The Dr Treat experience

unparalleled expertise

We’re a happy place to work

Our mission is to help pets live their healthiest happiest, and longest lives by using technology and data in a way that’s never been done before. We are building the best-in-class veterinary clinics by rethinking processes, workflows, and technology that will make the lives of pets, pet parents, and vets better.

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A unique and reduced-stress veterinary experience for both the pet and their humans.

About us

Personalizing Veterinary Care

We started Dr. Treat because we wanted to build a future where care is data-driven, and highly personalized based on genetic predispositions.

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