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On the Hot Seat with Dr. Tony Huynh

Meet our veterinarian Dr. Tony Huynh, whose passion, expertise, and positivity are vital to our team’s success and commitment to building the best-in-class veterinary clinic experience.

Dr Treat
On the Hot Seat with Dr. Tony Huynh

Key takeaway

At Dr. Treat, we are reimagining the approach to pet health and wellbeing by harnessing the power of technology and data to provide on-demand, personalized preventive care. To bring this profession-changing mission to life, we have gathered an expert team united by their desire for change and their ability to reimagine the future of veterinary care.

Where are you from, and how did you land in the Bay Area?

I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I spent a few months in the Bay Area during my final year of veterinary school, and enjoyed the surroundings so much that I knew I would return. I had thought about moving to New York City, but I’m pleased I landed in San Francisco, because I’m in love with this city, and cannot imagine living elsewhere.

Do you have any furry family members?

I don’t currently have any pets of my own, but I am a proud uncle to two extremely cute Scottish fold cats.

Can you tell us about your human family members?

I have an older brother who lives back in Melbourne, along with the rest of my family.

What is your favorite food?

I’m a big fan of fries! Nothing beats some crispy, thick-cut fries with chicken salt seasoning. As an Aussie, I have to include doner kebabs at the top of my favorite foods list. They’re similar to a gyro here in the states, and are absolutely delicious. Of course, fish and chips are a staple as well. I’m fortunate to live in one of the world’s best food cities, where I can find all my favorite foods, and discover new favorites too!

What do you enjoy doing away from work?

I hike as often as I can. The scenery is beautiful here, and we have many nearby trails, where I can escape the city and enjoy nature. I also love to travel, and have been fortunate to have visited many places around the world. Travel is something that will always be important to me, and I look forward to visiting many more destinations. I like to play video games too!

Do you have any special talents?

 I’m pretty good at quoting movies and song lyrics—a fun party trick. Hey, we all have our talents!

Where is your favorite travel destination, and where would you like to visit in the future?

Definitely, Japan. The food and scenery are incredible—easily one of the most beautiful and interesting places I’ve been. I would love to travel through Europe soon—I’m open to suggestions!

What are your favorite binge-worthy TV shows or Netflix series?

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is a great show to binge when you need a laugh.

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m an extrovert. I love meeting new people—and pets—and creating a connection with them. The veterinarian-pet bond is one of the best parts of my job.  

What is something about you that people would be surprised to learn?

I always joke that I  have extremely bad luck, and seem to get myself into wacky situations everywhere I go—many ridiculous misadventures!

Why did you decide to join Dr. Treat?

I love that our Dr. Treat team focuses on providing pets personalized, preventive care to get ahead of potential health problems in their early stages. Integrating innovative technology is such a game changer when it comes to elevating a pet’s care and their owners’ overall experience. Our team is really raising the bar for veterinary care. As a veterinarian, I always want to grow and reflect on my practice, and our Dr. Treat team encourages and celebrates such development. The Dr. Treat mission aligns with my values, and offers the best for pets, people, and veterinary professionals.

Dr. Huynh received his veterinary degree from The University of Melbourne, Australia, and spent the last three years working at a general practice in Daly City, California, before joining the Dr. Treat team.

As veterinary professionals and pet lovers, our Dr. Treat team recognizes the challenges you face when trying to ensure your pet’s timely, high-quality care, and to have questions answered quickly and clearly about your pet’s condition, prognosis, or treatment. We are removing these barriers through our accessible and personalized care model, and by providing unparalleled veterinary service.

When you become a Dr. Treat One™ member, our team gives you undivided attention, knowledge, experience, and preferential care tailored to your pet’s unique health care needs based on advanced genetic testing. Learn how to become a Dr. Treat One™ member, and experience a new standard of veterinary care.

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