Veterinary Care

An annual membership at Dr. Treat gives you:

No exams fees, ever

Unlimited visits for members

Same or Next Day Appointments

A veterinary practice truly designed around your pet’s needs. We work like a clinic, but we offer so much more. A Dr. Treat One™ membership gives you primary to urgent care and everything in between, our customer care providers are there for you 24/7.

Choose a service
Primary Care
Primary Care

Maintain health & maximize your pet’s lifespan.

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Surgical and Dental Care
Surgical & Dental

The best treatments for your best friend by the best vets.

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Diagnostic care

In-house lab work, x-rays, ultrasound in 24 hours.

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Preventive Care

Preventive care for juniors and regular check ups for seniors.

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Urgent Care
Urgent care

Same/next- day appointments when you need it most.

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Virtual Care

24/7 customer care, virtual appointments for rechecks and diagnostic reviews.

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redefining companion care

Benefits for Members

Medical Records

Medical Records

for emergency hospital visits

Unlimited 24/7 care

Virtual care

for rechecks and diagnostic results

Schedule Appointments

Schedule Appointments

same day or next day

Unlimited 24/7 care

Prescription Refills

onsite pharmacy or doorstep delivery

Membership costs only $149/year.

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What members are saying about us

Reliable. Holistic. Fantastic.

Hear what other members have to say about our service-led and tech-centric personalized veterinary care.

Maggie, Dubu’s mom

Ever since we signed up, the differences are drastic. Dubu actually LOVES going to the vet now and is always trying to drag us back to Dr. Treat on his walks. Plus, I know I have reliable medical support for Dubu and I feel like a much better paw-rent.

Christine, Huggy’s mom

Dr. Treat is the ultimate veterinary service in San Francisco. Excellent holistic approach to the long term health and care of my pet. Great ambience,  absolute comfort for the owner and pet. Every detail of care and service is addressed with imagination and a goal of perfection .

Aneri, Lyra’s mom

The lead veterinarian was fantastic. She spent an incredible amount of time and answered all of our questions and we came up with a treatment plan for our doggo. She answered a lot of questions and concerns our older vet wasn't able to answer effectively.

State of the heart Facility with radiology, onsite pharmacy and ultrasound

Dr. Treat One™ in 15 mins

Talk to Melissa

Health is not one-size-fits-all. That's why we tailor a Comprehensive Program to suit your pet's unique needs. Speak with Pet Relations Director, Melissa to see if Dr. Treat One™ Membership is right for your companion.

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A treat for members

Brilliant people.
Amazing animals.
Unique opportunities.
Incredible progress.

Our mission is to help pets live their healthiest happiest, and longest lives by using technology and data in a way that’s never been done before. We are building the best-in-class veterinary clinics by rethinking processes, workflows, and technology that will make the lives of pets, pet parents, and vets better.

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Our Vets

World-class providers. A care team centered around your pets needs.

Dr. Felicity Moffatt

Dr. Felicity Moffatt 

Head of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Tony Huynh

Senior Veterinarian

Dr. Alex Lee


About us

Veterinary Care

We wanted a future where care is data-driven, and highly personalized based on genetic predispositions.

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Personalizing Veterinary Care — About us

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